How to choose a laser cutting machine according to the needs of enterprises?

After years of development, laser cutting machines have more derived types, and their functions and performance have been continuously strengthened and upgraded to become more humane. At present, the types of laser cutting machines that we are familiar with and commonly used include CO2 laser cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines. For these laser cutting equipment, which ones are better?

CO2 laser cutting machine:

Because of the special nature of CO2 lasers, metal and non-metal materials can be processed, mainly for large and medium-sized companies and some laser cutting companies that are purely external processing. This type of cutting machine has relatively high purchase costs, high power consumption, and frequent replacement of consumables. In addition, post-maintenance is also very difficult.

Fiber laser cutting machine:

In the beginning, the fiber laser cutting machine was very suitable for the high-speed cutting of thin metal sheets; however, the scope and functions of this type of cutting machine are now more than that. As a mainstream laser metal cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine can not only save processing materials and reduce consumables, but also reduce power consumption and save processing time. This model is mainly aimed at manufacturers with high precision machining requirements. It has ultra-fast processing speed for thin plate cutting, small slits, good spot quality, and can be used for fine cutting.

The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in the processing field have allowed us to gradually shift the focus to how to match the fiber laser cutting machine with a suitable automation solution to meet the diverse needs of more users. At present, MACTRON can provide a series of flexible modular options for large and medium-sized platform fiber laser cutting machines, such as adding ultra-high power laser cutting heads, automatic control systems, automatic loading and unloading systems, etc., which can help users inspire greater Production potential and enhance product value.

Nowadays, the manufacturing industry is in a stage of rapid development. Choosing a suitable laser cutting machine can make the processing efficiency and results achieve a multiplier effect. Fiber laser cutting machines perform very well in the high-end processing market, meeting various requirements such as high precision, low wear, and high efficiency. The application of automation technology will further enhance the development process of laser cutting machines.



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