The golden age of laser technology is coming

Laser technology as a modern new technology that has emerged in recent years, which has gradually become familiar to the public. The rapid development of laser technology and applications has been combined with multiple disciplines to form multiple application technology fields, including optoelectronic technology, laser medicine and photon biology, laser processing technology, laser detection and measurement technology, laser holography technology, laser spectrum analysis technology, etc.

The laser technology is widely used for production and life, from automobile manufacturing, power batteries, to mobile phone manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment, and even national defense and military. 

The wide application of laser technology has greatly promoted the development of traditional industries and emerging industries. For many industries, laser technology has become an indispensable supporting technology. As we know, the core of "Made in China 2025" is intelligent manufacturing. As one of the core technologies of intelligent manufacturing, laser technology is an important core force driving the upgrading and development of manufacturing.

From the perspective of the application market of laser technology, in addition to the optical communication market, there is a lot of room for growth in the macro-materials and micro-processing markets. Another market for laser processing is the kilowatt-level high-power laser processing market, which will show a relatively stable growth trend in the next five years. Such as metal cutting, metal welding and additive manufacturing.

At present, the global laser marking market is already a relatively mature and stable market. Customers in different industries can customize laser marking machines according to their own products. With the vigorous development of China's integrated circuits, the number of UV laser marking machines used for micro-processing of printed circuit boards and consumer electronic products has increased significantly.

As a core driving force in the field of industrial manufacturing, laser technology is constantly advancing. In the future, the new application growth points in laser field include laser cleaning, laser cladding, and laser welding,etc. Laser technology is everywhere, intelligence and "Made in China 2025" plan will bring the laser industry dividend. The next 30 years will be the golden age of laser technology!



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